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Cesar Madrigal, NMLSR # 1439440, is a seasoned Mortgage Consultant fluent in English & Spanish with over 10 years of experience in the mortgage banking finance industry.

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    What does a mortgage consultant do?
    Mortgage consultants complete real estate transactions by serving as the liaison between a lender and a borrower. They are expected to use their understanding of the lending process to advise their clients in choosing and applying for a loan.

    About me

    10 Years of Experience


    Cesar’s passion is to help empower people to reach their homeownership dream. He does this by educating potential buyers about the home financing process, explaining the in’s and out’s and being there for the entire process.

    Made with passion

    In fact, Cesar Madrigal does this so well that a majority of his customers are referred to him by happy past clients and real estate partners.

    Mortgage Consultant

    Cesar is very involved in fostering financial literacy by teaching at certified homeownership workshops in the local community.